About Economics


Our teaching and research stress the importance of markets and institutions on economic, political and social issues. The Department of Economics offers a wide range of courses, including new online classes with excellent instruction, in a convenient teaching format. Peruse our webpage to find out about our people, latest programs, workshops, and educational opportunities.

Flexible Degree Programs for a Customized Course of Study

Our programs in economics provide the flexibility to create your own specialty. The core economics coursework, combined with a broad choice of electives lets you create a course of study that will help differentiate you from the pack. Students interested in careers in finance, marketing, international business, and business operations frequently combine the Economics Major with a minor or significant coursework in one or more of these fields. The flexibility of the program lets you pursue almost any field, from public relations, communications, and political science, to environmental studies and the biological sciences.

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Van Huynh
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