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SJSU Economics Alumni Enjoy Career Success

older econ graduateAcross all fields, employers are looking for three key skills, the ability to reason, the ability to communicate orally and in writing, and the ability to calculate. Economics provides the reasoning, writing, and calculating skills that employers seek. These skills explain why economics majors score higher on law school admissions tests than other majors and why economics majors receive among the highest starting salaries. While the most common entry level positions are in the area of management, marketing, finance, and analysis, economics baccalaureates can also be found in government, international agencies, teaching positions, non-profit agencies, and political consulting.

What Our Alumni Say...

two econ graduates
Carlitos econ graduation

“The economics program at San José State teaches students to think outside the box, more so than a traditional business degree. The major has given me the flexibility necessary to move to my current position as Senior Director for a major Fortune 500 corporation. If actions speak louder than words, then you should know that I've gone back for more and expect to complete my Masters in Economics in Fall 1995.”

M. Kropelnecki
BA Economics 1989, MA Economics 1995

(Mr. Kroplenecki, completed his master’s degree and went on to become CFO for Hal Kinnon Company.)

“Economics plays a crucial role in understanding today's world. Without the wider context of an economic system and a global economy, a business cannot make optimal decisions regarding its short-run and long-run options. It is for this reason that I chose a major in economics at San José State and I have not regretted my decision for a moment. It has helped me immensely in my employment as a benefits for the world's largest human resources consulting firm.”

C. Smithwick, Consultant
MA Economics 1993

“Most of what you need to know on the job you learn on the job. Employers know this and are subsequently looking for graduates who know how to think. I chose Economics at San José State because it teaches you how to think. We analyze everything from inflation to sex.”

M. Ulrich, Project Researcher
BS Economics 1992, MA Economics 1995

“Economics is a versatile field of study. With 30 units of open electives, the major allows you to combine economic tools with another discipline. I am currently working in an environmental field. The key to getting hired was my background in economics.”

M. Myatt
BS Economics 1992, Graduate study in Resource Economics

“Interesting and rewarding classes, along with a helpful, friendly and efficient department have combined to make my studies more enjoyable than I ever imagined.”

D. Kassner, Financial Analyst/Controller
BA Economics 1994, MA Economics 1996