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The AP/Honors Economics Workshop Series

The Center for Economic Education at San Jose State University is pleased to offer several new opportunities for teacher development and high school collaboration with the university. This workshop series helps teachers develop AP or Honors Economics courses.

The Unitrack "Step-to-College" Program

Unitrack is a "Step-to-College" program designed to foster collaboration between university and high school instructors and to increase high school student matriculation to college. High school students pay a reduced fee to enroll as a SJSU student and receive 4 units of credit in introductory micro or macroeconomics, upon successful completion of their high school's AP/Honors Economics course. Students do not have to take the AP Economics exam, which is normally required to receive credit for AP work. This university credit is widely accepted throughout the United States.

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Name: Tom Means, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Economics Education
San Jose State University
One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192-0114
Phone: 408.924.5414