Faculty Recruitment

Tenure-Track Position

The Department of Economics at San Jose State University invites applications for a tenure-track position at the level of assistant professor in Applied Quantitative Economics. The formal job announcement and a list of preferred fields and courses is available here.  You can also get a sense of the Department by reviewing the website. This is an active, involved, collegial department.

The Department seeks candidates with demonstrated teaching expertise and research potential. Successful candidates are expected to have completed the Ph.D. in economics or a closely related field by August 20, 2013. Candidates should identify courses, from the advertised list, that they are prepared to teach at the graduate and undergraduate level. Integration of teaching and research is expected. Additionally, candidates should infuse their courses with an international perspective. Teaching excellence, publication in refereed journals, and active university, community and media service are required for tenure and promotion.

 SJSU is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer committed to the core values of inclusion, civility, and respect for each individual.

Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars create a dynamic, stimulating environment for faculty and students alike. The Department of Economics has been honored to have an outstanding group of international visiting scholars. They have brought a new perspective to our students and new opportunities for research collaboration with our faculty. Our international visiting scholars have largely been supported through external foundations.

As we secure additional funding we look forward to increasing our visiting scholars program, to creating endowed chairs for senior scholars in Economics and to establishing a post-doctoral program. Post-doctorates at SJSU will receive a warm welcome from faculty eager to collaborate on research and to provide mentoring on teaching.

Visiting Scholars So Far...

Anthony J. Evans, Fulbright Scholar in Residence, Fall 2011 (Associate Professor of Economics, ESCP Europe Business School)

Pierre Lemieux, an economist in the Department of Management Sciences of the University of Québec in Outaouais, was a visiting scholar during the winter 2009-2010.

Professor Lemieux spent his time with us working on a book about whether “somebody in charge” could prevent recessions and economic crises like the one of 2007-2009. The book, to be published at Palgrave, is due in April 2011. A French adaptation will have been published at Les Belles Lettres (Paris) a few months before.

Gabriel Gassave, J.D. University of Buenos Aires, was a visiting scholar in Spring 2003, with support from the Independent Institute.

Mr. Gassave has contributed his expertise in economics and his international perspective to our courses on Economic Development. He is a coordinator and presenter in the Latin American Economic Education Symposium.

Jose Carlos Rey , Fulbright Scholar,agricultural engineer and economists for ORT University Uruguay and Technical Advisor at the Office of Planning and Budget for the Presidency of the Republic of Uruguay. Academic year 2003-2004, with support from the Council on the International Exchange of Scholars.

During his stay, Mr. Rey has been an active member of the Department. He conducted courses in Economic Development and on Topics in Latin American Economies. He was the lead coordinator for the Department's Latin American Economic Education Symposium. He also gave guest lectures for the Foreign Language Department, further enhancing our inter-department synergy, and advancing our work towards a new joint major: Foreign Language and International Economics.

Nathalie Janson, Ph.D. Associate Professor in Economics and International Finance Rouen School of Management, Normandy, France. Spring 2002 and Summer 2004 with support from the Earhart Foundation

During her stay, Professor Janson taught introductory courses and courses in international economics. She is assisting in the development of an international exchange program and in developing a course in the Economics of Entrepreneurship. She also participated in the David S. Saurman Provocative Lecture with a presentation titled "The Future of the Euro: Blessing or Curse?"


The Department of Economics maintains a pool of candidates to fill part-time, temporary positions teaching introductory economics courses. Courses taught by Lecturers on an as-needed-basis include our 4-unit Introductory Microeconomics and Macroeconomics courses. These courses consist of a 3-unit lecture and a 1-unit online lab (student lab work is approximately 2 hours per week). The Department currently uses the services of Aplia (www.aplia.org) to construct online labs.

Openings in other, more advanced, subjects are also available. The position requires a minimum of an M.A. in Economics, and the Department prefers candidates who have completed the Economics Ph.D. or who have Ph.D. work in progress. Experience with classroom teaching is highly desired.


If you wish to be considered in this pool of applicants, please submit a letter of interest and CV to:
Chair, Department of Economics
San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0114