Friday Afternoon Workshop

The Friday Afternoon Workshops offer an opportunity for faculty and students to enjoy academic research presentations by scholars from around the world in their areas of expertise. Papers being presented are available for review prior to the workshop on our web site.

Following most workshop events, the Barstool Economists group meets at a local eatery, where the discussions with the speaker can be continued in a less formal environment. The workshops are open to all SJSU students, Faculty and invited guests. 

Schedule - Fall 2017

Date Location Topic
Presenter, Affiliation
Sept 22 DMH 165 Luca Andrea Minola
Ph.D. candidate at Polytechnic Univerity of Milan (Italy)
"The Taxation of Land Value as the Means Towards Optimal Urban Development and the Extirpation of Excessive Economic Inequality"

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Oct 27


DMH 149A

Liam Rose
Ph.D. candidate, UC Santa Cruz

Liam's research paper utilizes census records, multiple comprehensive surveys, and mortality records from England to trace out the effect of reaching retirement age on retirement status, health behaviors, health care utilization, and health outcomes. Applying a regression discontinuity design leveraging the pension age, I find that retirement substantially improves well-being and satisfaction with health, along with fewer individuals reporting having health issues. However, I find no immediate effect of retirement on behavioral outcomes such as smoking or exercising, and no evidence of changes to cognitive ability or healthcare utilization. Finally, death certificate data indicate that retirement does not affect mortality. While prior literature have considered the effects of retirement on specific outcomes, this paper is the first to systematically examine the full range of health-related outcomes with administrative and survey data in a unified context.