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You can make a difference. It's a lot more than just an academic department.

Why give to SJSU Economics?

The Department of Economics at SJSU is on par with any school of economics anywhere, in terms of the quality of its faculty and commitment to excellence in learning and research. What makes it truly remarkable, however, is its incredible accessibility. Each year, hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students from various backgrounds and nationalities choose this department for its unique blend of academic excellence and unbiased opportunities.

The Economics Department has produced a beeline of achievers, including a CFO of the Year, Ivy League Lawyers, and a University President among numerous others. Most importantly, it has produced generations of responsible global citizens who are equipped with the necessary intellectual tools to examine the overall benefits and consequences of choices in personal lives and the public domain.

Our ongoing pursuit of excellence needs all the support it can get. When you contribute to the department, you are laying another brick to strengthen the foundations of the free world.

How much should I donate? And how do I donate?

First of all, thank you for your support. Donations may range from $25 to any amount of your choice.

Here are some ways you can contribute:

  • Choose an ongoing project or research chair at the department and make a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation of any amount of your choice.
  • Establish a named scholarship and leave a lasting legacy, such as "The John Smith Scholarship". (Minimum contribution for a named scholarship is $500 per year, with an irrevocable pledge for 4 years.)
  • Establish a named research chair. (Minimum contribution for a named chair is $25000 per year, with an irrevocable pledge for 4 years.)

Please note that all donations to the SJSU Economics Department are tax deductible.

For the current list of ongoing and proposed projects, post-doctoral research chairs and scholarship opportunities, please contact Dr. Lydia Ortega, Department Chair at