Master of Arts, Applied Economics

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Master of Arts, Economics, Concentration in Applied Economics
  Units Required

Required Courses:*

  • ECON 201: Microeconomic Analysis
  • ECON 203 (OR ECON 103): Econometric Methods
  • ECON 204 (OR ECON 104): Mathematical Methods
  • ECON 205A: Economic Decision Making
  • ECON 205B: Writing Workshop in Policy Analysis

  • ECON 221 (OR ECON 121): Industrial Organization
  • ECON 232: Public Finance

21 Units


ECON 200-level courses; Approved 100-level electives

9 Units

Comprehensive Examination:

ECON 298E: Examination

1 Unit

  Total: 31 Units

*Students must not earn less than a B on any undergraduate course.  Students learning less than a B in any undergraduate course are allowed one attempt to retake and achieve the minimum grade.  (This does not apply to undergrad courses that are not re taught within one year).  In addition, students must complete ECON 201 with a grade of "B" or better. Students earning less than a B in either of these classes are allowed one attempt to retake and achieve the minimum grade.

Applied Economics

The emphasis on applied economics provides training in practical, problem-solving techniques appropriate for careers in teaching, private business, the public sector, banking, and consulting. Although we emphasize applied economics, we also guide students in the rigorous preparation necessary for doctoral programs at such universities as George Mason University, Washington University, Carlton University, Northwestern University, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine and Stanford University.