Honors and Awards

award atop stack of books

The Department has three perpetual plaques to recognize outstanding students and alumni. Faculty members nominate and select the award recipients.

James F. Willis Award for Excellence in Economics

James Willis was the Chair of the Department of Economics for over 25 years. His stewardship led the department through turbulent times in the 1970s and laid the groundwork for the current strong program. The award goes to the Outstanding Graduate and Undergraduate Student. Recipients receive an engraved paperweight.

Rodolfo Gonzalez Award for Outstanding Alumni

The inscription on this perpetual plaque is a quote from F. Hayek: “Economics reveals ‘that order generated without design can far outstrip plans men consciously contrive.’” The plaque recognizes the personal sacrifice and “order” that Professor Gonzalez brought to the Department in his three years of service as Department Chair. The award goes to the alum who has contributed most to promote the understanding of economics. Recipient receives an engraved paperweight.

David S. Saurman Most Valuable Player in the Department

This is a memorial plaque to recognize and to foster the contributions made to the Department by David S. Saurman The award is made in two categories: Faculty/Staff and Student. The M.V.P. in each category is selected based on ability to promote a collegial environment that maximizes utility. Recipients receive an engraved glass beer stein.