Open Group Academic Program

The Open Group Academic Program is a pilot program at San Jose State’s Economics Department to help promote and encourage students to become certified in and use Open Group and Open FAIR standards. In this way, emerging practitioners develop qualifications before they graduate. The Program also provides students with valuable work experience while still in school. Students benefit from discounted certification and conference fees, as well as paid and unpaid internships.

The Open Group Academic Program also allows the SJSU Economics Department to build connections with industry leaders, influence the direction of standards/best practices, and bring ideas from industry back into the academic setting, all of which ultimately benefit students and enhance their post-graduation perspectives.

To date, the Open Group Academic Program has been a tremendous success, with several publications and projects by: Mike Jerbic, Sushmitha Kasturi, John Linford, Danny O’Neil, and Lydia Ortega.

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What is Open Group?

The Open Group is a global consortium that facilitates the achievement of business objectives through IT standards. With more than 500 member organizations, The Open Group has a diverse membership which spans all sectors of the IT community — customers, systems and solutions suppliers, tool vendors, integrators and consultants, as well as academics and researchers.

The Open Group offers certifications in these standards (including Open FAIR) and arranges forums and work groups to “provide members with an open, vendor-neutral environment where they can meet, gain knowledge, and lead the development of IT standards that address the evolving challenges and emerging opportunities of today’s enterprise.” 

Member organizations of The Open Group, which includes SJSU Economics Department, can participate in one or more forums or work groups; so far, multiple SJSU Economics Department professors and students have participated in forums to help advance the Open Group’s body of knowledge. The Open Group also hosts events for members to attend and aids organizations seeking to create certifications, publish standards and guides, produce webinars, write papers, and more.

What is Open FAIR?

Open FAIR or Factor Analysis of Information Risk, and focuses specifically on information risk. Created by Jack Jones at Risk Management Insights (RMI) and then standardized by the Open Group, Open FAIR is a form of quantitative risk analysis. Open FAIR’s risk analysis standards methodology and use of precise and accurate terms complement the economic critical thinking taught by the Department of Economics at San Jose State University.

An Open FAIR risk analysis aims to answer a risk question about a specific risk scenario using information on Loss Magnitude (the monetary value of the loss) and Loss Event Frequency (the probable frequency of losses in a given time period) to answer the question and assist effective decision-making. The Open FAIR standard allows organizations to speak in one language concerning their risk using the standard taxonomy and terminology and to communicate risk effectively to senior management. It also allows organizations to consistently study and apply risk analysis principles to any object or asset, view organizational risk in total, challenge and defend risk decisions, and compare risk mitigation options.

For more information on our program, please contact Mike (Stephen) Jerbic:  |  DMH 214