Computer Labs and Software

Stata Lab

The Department of Economics manages a Stata (version 12-SE) econometrics / data analysis computer lab. The Social Sciences Computer Lab (Dudley Moorhead Hall, Room 236) contains over twenty new computers; six of which run Stata and ArcGIS, and all run SPSS.  This lab is usually reserved for classes, but Econ students may contact Professor Holian ( for details on lab availability during non-scheduled times.

Software for Students


Students taking Econ 203 or 205A are eligible for GradPlan pricing through Stata Corp. Ask you instructor for more information.


All current students are eligalbe for a one-year SPSS license. Visit the University Help Desk for more information ( As of 11/18/2013, the cost was $15.


An open source software program with a graphical-user interface. More information about Gretl. After installing the software, students may find this free user's guide helpful.


An open source software program with a command-line interface. More information about R.


A free version of Matlab. More information about Octave.