hand with pen, filling out formThese administrative forms will aid the student in determining their major coursework, and applying for graduation with B.A., B.S., Minor, and M.A. degrees in Economics. Students must complete the appropriate graduation form, and have it signed by the student's Advisor and the Chair of the Economics Department prior to submitting forms for graduation.

Undergraduate Forms

  • Graduation Application: There is an online graduation application for all eligible students. Please see the tutorial for the online process in the [link]
  • Graduation Date Change [link]
  • Major Form: B.A. Economics (pdf)
  • Major Form: B.S. Economics (pdf)
  • Minor Form (pdf)
  • Undergraduate Substitution Form [link]
  • Add/Change Major or Minor
    • Students with fewer than 90 units (available only in PeopleSoft)
    • Students with 90 or more units [pdf]
  • Excess Units Petition [link]
  • Petitition to Withdraw

University Forms

Graduate Forms

  • Advising Form: MA (pdf)
  • Advising Form: MA, applied (pdf)
  • GAPE forms - These forms (and more) are available on the GAPE website, under Current Students. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY GAPE FORMS HAND WRITTEN.

- Change of Classification in (Master's) Graduate Program
- Petition for Advancement to Graduate Candidacy
- Request for Course Substitution in (Master's) Graduate Degree Program

Student Travel

The Economics Department is dedicated to providing support to students seeking to expand their academic experience by attending professional and academic conferences in related fields.

  • Student Travel Policy (pdf)
  • Student Request for Approval of Travel form (pdf)
  • Student Travel Informed Consent form (pdf)