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The Department of Economics offers two degree options from which graduate students can choose. Our MA program in Economics is flexible and allows you to tailor a course of study to fits your needs, in consultation with your academic advisor. Our MA program in Applied Economics has less flexibility, but is custom tailored to prepare you for applied careers.

Admission to the Master Program 

To be considered for admission into SJSU, graduate applicants must meet the minimum CSU Eligibility requirements and SJSU program requirements set forth by our individual departments. Outlines the steps for applying to SJSU as:

Application Deadlines for Spring Admission

Comprehensive Masters Exam

Course Electives

  1. Limit on the Number of 100-Level Courses: Your 32-unit program of study cannot include more than three 100-level courses. Since this three courses limit includes Econ 104, a required course, your effective choice set is reduced to only two, additional 100-level courses. If you are interested in taking a 100-level Economics courses as part of your program, please see a Graduate Advisor - Dr. Rui Liu at  
  2. Elective Courses in Another Department or College: The Department will consider including two courses from another Department at SJSU as part of your program of study. These courses must be graduate level and must show a clear relation to the student's interests and program of study in economics. All outside classes must be approved case-by-case bt the Graduate Advisor. Note, however, that taking courses outside the Department reduces your options for question that you can attempt in Section III of the comprehensive exam. It is your responsibility to check with the other Department for prerequisites and acceptance in their course.
  3. Dept Of Knowledge: Students lacking undergraduate preparation in economics may benefit from studying a particular area in sequence. For example, students might take Econ 132 before taking Econ 232, or Econ 141 before taking Econ 200. The advantage of taking courses in a sequence is obtaining a greater depth of knowledge in a particular area.

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