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student using computerECON 2A & ECON 2B Online Labs

ECON 2A and ECON 2B are online labs offered each Fall and Spring Semester. These are 1 unit, credit/no credit online labs. They were initially designed for transfer students who have 3 semester-unit Macroeconomics and Microeconomics courses from other colleges. (SJSU Economics Department has 4 semester units of Introductory Micro and Introductory Macro. Transfer students who are economics majors and minors must make-up the missing unit.)  However they are also useful for those who have had Principles of Economics course in the past and are in need of a refresher.

For more information on these courses, check a current course schedule to find which faculty is currently offering these labs.  Then, visit the instructor's faculty page for a current syllabus, or inquire with them.