Bachelor of Arts, Economics

Economics is a general program, flexible enough to allow for a variety of student objectives. The BA program has over 21 units of open electives. These elective units give students the flexibility to supplement the thinking skills developed in economics with technical skills developed in such fields as finance, marketing, and public relations. A bachelor degree in economics serves as an excellent springboard to an MBA or law degree.

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Bachelor of Arts, Economics
Course Requirements Units Required by SJSU Units Required for Major
Lower Division General Education Requirements
Of the 51 units required by the University, 3 may be satisfied by major and support requirements. Consult your major advisor.
American Institutions
All 6 units required by the University may be satisfied by General Education requirements.
Required for the B.A. in Economics Major
Includes Lower Division Required Courses (12), Upper Division Required Courses (6), Economics Area Courses (12), Economics Electives (12)
Physical Education   2

Economics Core Course Requirements

Lower Division:

  • ECON 1A: Macroeconomics
  • ECON 1B: Microeconomics
  • ECON 003: Economic Statistics
    • Note: ECON 1A, 1B, & ECON 003 each require a 1 unit lab.

Upper Division:

  • ECON 101: Microeconomics Analysis;
  • ECON 102: Macroeconomics Analysis

Economics Area Courses

Choose 4 courses from at least 2 of the following areas:

Area I, International Economics:

  • ECON 112: Economic Development
  • ECON 136: International Economics
  • ECON 158: The Political Economy of Privatization

Area II, Financial Economics:

  • ECON 135: Money & Banking'
  • ECON 137A: Fundamentals of Corp. Finance
  • ECON 137B: Topics in Corp. Finance
  • ECON 139: Principles of Investment

Area III, Public Policy Economics:

  • ECON 121: Industrial Organization
  • ECON 132: Public Finance
  • ECON 141: Law & Economics
  • ECON 151: Labor Economics
  • ECON 166: Urban Economics

Area IV, Quantitative Economics:

  • ECON 103: Econometrics
  • ECON 104: Mathematical Methods for Economics
  • ECON 138: Business and Economic Forecasting

Economics Electives

General "Any Course" Electives
**See the description of "Any Course" Electives
Total Units Required 48 120
The dept. recommends that at least 12 upper division units in the major be taken in residence    

**The "Any Course" electives means just that -- any course. We encourage students to use these elective units to develop their own specialty. For example, students interested in finance can distinguish themselves with a bachelor's in economics and still take seven more courses offered by the finance department. If you are interested in marketing, these electives allow you to take marketing courses, plus some public relation courses, and courses in communication studies. You may want to combine the economics major with a specialty in biology for a career in the pharmaceutical industry, or combine the economics major with other courses that further develop your oral and written communication and calculation skills.

Transfer students who want to graduate quickly find these "Any Course" electives useful. Courses taken at other colleges or universities count in this area. You can transfer up to 70 units of coursework to SJSU.