Friday Afternoon Workshop

Friday Afternoon Workshop

The Department of Economics conducts an occasional research and reading workshop. Attendees are asked to read the listed selections ahead of time.  The Workshop runs Fridays from 3:30-5:00 p.m.  Please note the location in the schedule below, as the location varies.  Most meetings are followed by a Barstool Economists meeting at a local eatery.  Attendance is open to SJSU students and faculty only, but please email Matt Holian or Colleen Haight to inquire about attending if you are not affiliated with SJSU, have any other questions about our Workshop, or are interested in presenting your research. Participants, access the weekly comment form here.


Friday Afternoon Workshop Schedule, Fall, 2014







Reading: (Title and link to reading provided)



DMH 308


Ground Rent Seeking in U.S. Economic History

Fred Foldvary, San Jose State University

Reading: click here.




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