Faculty Awards and Achievements

Faculty Name Accomplishments & Publications
Rebeca Burciaga  

Tenure and promotion to Associate Professor


  • Burciaga, R. & Rodriguez, G. (Eds.) (2016). [Special Issue], Latina/o Educational Leadership: Testimonios from the Field. Association of Mexican American Educators (AMAE) Journal
  • Yosso, T. & Burciaga, R. (June, 2016). Reclaiming our histories, recovering community cultural wealth. Center for Critical Race Studies at UCLA. Research Brief. (No.5).University ofCalifornia at Los Angeles, CA.
  • Delgado Bernal, D., Burciaga, R., & Flores Carmona, J. (2016). Chicana/Latina Testimonios as Pedagogical, Methodological, and Activist Approaches to Social Justice. New York, New York: Routledge.
Noni Reis

Noni Reis is a Professor of Educational Leadership who was recently honored by the Monterey Charter of the Association of California School Administrators as Professor of Education.

Prof. Brent Duckor and 

Dr. Carrie Holmberg (Teacher Education)

Congratulations to Professor Brent Duckor and Dr. Carrie Holmberg for publishing a book entitled Mastering Formative Assessment Moves: 7 High-Leverage Practices to Advance Student Learning published by ASCD books. The book is available http://www.ascd.org/Publications/Books/Overview/Mastering-Formative-Assessment-Moves.aspx