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Core Courses 48
Educational Leadership and Education Policy 12
EDD 510. Educational Leadership: Theory and Practice 3
EDD 512. Leadership, Complexity, and Systems Thinking 3
EDD 515. Leadership, Diversity, and Culture: Family, School and Community Connections
EDD 535. Education Policy, Resource Allocation and School Reform
Organizational Behavior and Adult Learning
EDD 511. Leadership for Learner Centered Organizations
EDD 520. Organizational Behavior and Change in Education
EDD 522. Communication and Educational Leadership
Contexts for Educational Leadership 12 
EDD 530. Assessment, Testing and Evaluation: Contexts and Implications for School Reform  3
EDD 536. The Politics of Education and Finance of Schooling
EDD 540. Education and Leadership in Global Context: Globalization & Narrative Ethics
EDD 585. Field Experience: Global Context
Research Methodology: Tools for the Scholar-Practitioner 15 
EDD 501. Quantitative Analysis for Educational Research
EDD 502. Qualitative Methods in Educational Research
EDD 591A. Proseminar I: Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership
EDD 591B. Proseminar II - Practitioner-Led Research
EDD 591C. Professional Seminar III: Structuring & Writing a High Quality Dissertation
Quality Dissertation
International Out-of-Country Experience
Culminating Experience 12 
EDD 599. Dissertation 1-12 
Students take EDD 599 twice  
Dissertation Defense  
Total Units  60