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Credential Process

The Department of Educational Leadership recommends that students apply for their Administrative Services Credential as soon as they are done with the program.

There are two options available for the Administrative Services Credential.

  • Preliminary Administrative Credential - For those who have secured an offer of employment in an administrator position upon completing the program and have a verification of at least 5 years of teaching experience under a Clear Teaching Credential.
  • Certificate of Eligibility - For those who are still teaching and not yet ready to become an administrator. The Certificate of Eligibility verifies completion of all requirements for the Preliminary credential and authorizes you to seek employment as an administrator. Once you have secured an offer of employment in an administrative position, the holder of a Certificate of Eligibility has no expiration date. Applying for the Certificate of Eligibility will grandfather you in under the current requirements and standards. Do not wait to apply since our programs are regulated by the state (CTC) and requirements and standards may change.

NOTE:  All graduate coursework expires after 7 years. This policy applies to ALL credential programs. Students who do not apply for their credential before their coursework expires will be required to repeat them.


To apply for your Administrative Services Preliminary Credential or Certificate of Eligibility, complete the steps outlined on the Credentials Office website:    

Below are some tips for completing the application process:

  1. Complete the information sheet ONLINE, print and submit as part of your application. Be sure to provide your SSN and Date of Birth. We will need this information to recommend you to CTC. Refer to link above.
  2. The $25 application fee can ONLY be submitted ONLINE, we will not accept any other forms of payment. Refer to link above.
  3. Be sure to have copies of ALL items listed on the CHECKLIST to avoid delays. Refer to link above.
  4. Your program contract MUST be signed by the department chair. Please fax your completed program contract to 408-924-3612.
  5. Official SJSU transcripts reflecting the completion of ALL required coursework must be submitted with your application. You must also provide official transcripts for any coursework completed outside of SJSU if it was used to waive a course in the program. How to request for transcripts:

Your complete application packet MUST be submitted to the Credentials Office for processing. You may either drop it off in Sweeney Hall 108 or mail it to:

San Jose State University
Connie L. Lurie College of Education
Credentials Office             
One Washington Square, SH 108
San Jose, CA, 95192-0015

Credentials Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8-12pm and 1-5pm

Note: We will be open throughout the summer and be closed on Independence Day (7/4).

Phone: 408-924-3541