Educational Leadership Classes

photo: King Library campus entrance signeage

Please note all courses are a hybrid format and meet in person between 4-8 times per semester.  Assignments are regularly submitted online throughout the semester. 


EDAD 200: The School Manager

EDAD 201: The School Leader

EDAD 202:  The Educator

EDAD 203: The School Human Resources Administrator

EDAD 204: School Fiscal and Legal Leadership

EDAD 205: The School Leader in the Community

EDAD 206: Advocate for All Students

EDAD 253: Seminar in Administration

EDAD 221A: Research Seminar in Educational Leadership

EDAD 221B: Research Seminar in Educational Leadership: Methods

EDAD 221C: Research Seminar in Educational Leadership: Data Collection

EDAD 242A: Fieldwork-Effective Leadership

EDAD 242B: Fieldwork-Instructional Leadership

EDAD 242C: Fieldwork-Assessing Resources

EDAD 242D: Fieldwork-Advocacy