Standard 5

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A school administrator is an educational leader who promotes the success of all students by modeling a personal code of ethics and developing professional leadershipcapacity.

To achieve Standard 5, an educational leader must model personal ethics and professional leadership:

  • Demonstrate skills in decision-making, problem solving, change management, planning, conflict management, and evaluation.
  • Model personal and professional ethics, integrity, justice, and fairness and expect the same behaviors from others.
  • Make and communicate decisions based upon relevant data and research about effective teaching and learning, leadership, management practices, and equity.
  • Reflect on personal leadership practices and recognize their impact and influence on the performance of others.
  • Encourage and inspire others to higher levels of performance, commitment, and motivation.
  • Sustain personal motivation, commitment, energy, and health by balancing professional and personal responsibilities.
  • Engage in professional and personal development.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the curriculum and the ability to integrate and articulate programs throughout the grades.
  • Use the influence of the office to enhance the educational program rather than for personal gain.
  • Protect the rights and confidentiality of students and staff.

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