Credential Programs

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The State of California has a TWO TIER Credential Structure in School Administration.  We offer at Tier 1 credential and a Administrative Intern Credential.

The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (Tier 1)

Educational leaders accepting your first administrative position must hold either a Tier 1 Preliminary Administrative Services Credential, also called the first tier credential or be enrolled in a credentialing program and hold a Administrative Intern Credential. 

If you are taking a position in which at least half of your assigned job time will be in administrative or supervisory responsibilities, have written permission from your superintendent to participate in the program, and complete a program contract for the SJSU Preliminary Administrative Credential program, you can be granted an Administrative Intern Credential.

To be eligible for either the Tier 1 or the Administrative Intern Credential, you must:

  • Hold a clear California teaching, pupil personnel, health, librarian or clinical rehabilitative services credential
  • Have five years of experience in a position requiring one of the above credentials when you apply for the credential from CTC
  • Pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)
  • Complete a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program.

Student in both credential programs complete 45 semester units of credit over four semesters through courses and fieldwork. 

Course Description Units
EDAD 200 The School Manager 3
EDAD 201 The School Leader 3
EDAD 202 The Educator 3
EDAD 203 The School Human Resources Administrator 3
EDAD 204 School Fiscal and Legal Leadership 3
EDAD 205 The School Leader in the Community 3
EDAD 206 Advocate for All Students 3
EDAD 221A Research Seminar in Educational Leadership 3


EDAD 242ABCD: 21 units of Fieldwork completed in four semesters.