Intern Credential Program

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  • Hold a California teaching, pupil personnel, health, librarian or clinical rehabilitative services credential,
  • Have three years of experience in a position requiring one of those credentials,
  • Have passed the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST),
  • Gain acceptance into the SJSU Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program,
  • Agree to complete requirements for that credential within two years, and
  • Hold a position requiring an administrative credential.

Other Qualifications

The University offers an approved Administrative Intern Credential Program. This program is essentially the same as the Preliminary Administrative Credential Program. You qualify for the intern program if you:

  • Are admitted to our graduate program at SJSU,
  • Work at least half your assigned job time in administrative or supervisory responsibilities,
  • Have written permission from your Superintendent to participate in the program, and
  • Agree to complete requirements for the Preliminary Administrative Credential through SJSU

Core Courses (45 Units)

Core Courses
Course Description Units
EdAd 200 School Administrator: The Manager 3
EdAd 201 School Administrator: The Leader 3
EdAd 202 School Administrator: The Educator 3
EdAd 203 School Administrator: Human Resources Administrator 3
EdAd 204 School Administrator: Fiscal and Legal Leadership 3
EdAd 205 School Administrator: Leader in the Community 3
EdAd 206 School Administrator: The Advocate for All Students 3
EdAd 242 Field Work in School Administration for teachers. 24

At least 24 units of Field Work taken over four semesters are required.

Administrative Field Work (24 Units)

During your first year in the program, you apply your administrative skills in real world settings through EdAd 242, Field Work in School Administration. You earn 24 units of credit.


In your final semester, you will present a portfolio to your work supervisor and university advisor as representation of your knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors in educational administration.

For additional information, please call our office at 408-924-3616.