Masters in Education

photo: Student Union

M.A. in Educational Administration and Credential Programs

The M.A. in Educational Administration (K-12) can be earned simultaneously with the credential program with three additional research courses (EDAD 221B, EDAD 221C, EDAD 253) and includes a Master's Thesis Project. It is a two year, 54 unit program.

The Department of Educational Leadership offers two program options for the MA/Tier 1 Administrative Services Credential:

Program 1: Online hybrid program with small group fieldwork seminars

  • Students can participate in hybrid courses from any location with an internet connection.
  • Online portions of the course use a web-based instructional platform as a centralized location for educational material, course content, and communication.
  • Students attend class on campus and in person 4-8 times per semester for each course.

Program 2: Urban Secondary Leadership Program (USLP) with small group fieldwork seminars

  • Courses focus on the in-depth study of key issues in middle and high school that school leaders experience on a daily basis.
  • Must enroll in both the MA & Tier 1 program by teams, with a minimum of 2 teachers per team from middle/high school. This team model supports collaborative learning, research, and coaching.
  • Most courses meet one night per week, including 2-4 Saturdays per semester.  Some courses have a hybrid format, meeting in person 4-8 times per semester.