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Welcome to the Department of Educational Leadership!

Thank you for your interest in our department. We are located in Sweeney Hall 219 and are one of seven departments within the Connie L. Lurie College of Education.

The Department of Educational Leadership offers a Master of Arts in Education: Administration & Supervision and the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. It is the department’s goal to prepare administrators who are dedicated to fostering equity and excellence in education while respecting and appreciating diversity. Our graduates are committed to promoting social justice, building equity in diverse communities, and facilitating collaborative change.

If you are interested in applying, please complete both the SJSU Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluation (GAPE) Requirements and the Department of Educational Leadership application.


To develop activist leaders for social justice and equity.


Program Themes
Building equity in diverse communities

-  Role of schooling in a democratic society

-  Inquiry and reflective practice

-  Managing and leading change

- Administrative concepts and management strategies

Program Learning Goals 
At the end of the program, graduates will know and be able to provide school leadership for the development of a challenging, supportive, and equitable learning environment.

SJSU grants a Master of Arts in Education:  Administration & Supervision and graduates are eligible for the Preliminary Administrative Service Credential (Tier 1).

Coursework consists of in person and online.  Students are required to meet in person between 4-8 times for hybrid courses; assignments are regularly submitted online throughout the semester.



Information Sessions

  • February 23, 4-5pm; Sweeney Hall 335, SJSU
  • March 11, 3:30-5pm; Library, Santa Clara County Office of Education (Special Education/Alternative Education)
  • March 16, 4-5pm; Sweeney Hall 335, SJSU
  • April 6, 4-5pm; Sweeney Hall 335, SJSU
  • April 27, 4-5pm; Sweeney Hall 335, SJSU
  • May 11, 4-5pm; Sweeney Hall 335, SJSU
  • June 1, 4-5pm; Sweeney Hall 335, SJSU
  • June 15, 4-5pm; Sweeney Hall 335, SJSU

*** please email Bryon McIntyre   if you are planning to attend a session***




Fall 2015

University Deadline: July 1, 2015

Department Deadline: July 15, 2015


Ed.D. Leadership Program

New Cohort Begins Summer 2015

 Ed.D. Leadership Program Website 


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