Lurie College Mission

The mission of the Lurie College of Education is to prepare educators who will enhance the quality of education for all students in our culturally diverse, technologically complex world.

Our Basic Values

  • Respect and appreciation for diversity

  • Promotion of equity and access to quality education

  • Excellence through scholarly activity and reflective professional practice

  • Continual professional and personal growth

  • Ethical, collegial, and humane interpersonal relationships as a basis for community

Lurie College Vision

The Lurie College of Education at San Jose State University is a professional community of students, faculty, and staff engaged in supportive partnerships to serve a community of culturally diverse children, youth and families by pursuing scholarly and reflective inquiry, promoting, enhancing and increasing access to a quality, lifelong education. Faculty, staff, and graduates are compassionate professionals who interact in ethical ways and are mindful of our roles and responsibilities in a democratic society.

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