Future of Learning Initiative

Future of Learning Institute at San Jose State University


FLI@SJSU brings together educators, researchers, and policymakers from across early childhood, K-12, and higher education sectors to reimagine learning.  The traditional model of American schooling, built for a factory-based economy, does not align with the needs of our imagination age, nor does it adequately address concerns about equitable-access to the high quality education needed in our diverse, democratic society.  FLI@SJSU incubates innovation to identify and highlight “what works” in diverse educational ecosystems.

2019 Future of Learning Summit

Wed. | Nov. 13 | SJSU Student Union Theater


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  • Listen to all of the talks from the Future of Learning Summit below!
  • Share your vision for the future of learning with at least 1 person and encourage at least 1 person to share their vision with someone else!
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Speaker 1 | Laura Quintana - Vice-President of Corporate Affairs, Cisco

Listen to Laura discuss how she learned to converse with adults as a child, what's needed to prepare for the jobs of the future, and more!

Speaker 2 | Sabrina Dao - 7th Grade, Ocala STEAM Academy

Listen to Sabrina discuss preparing for the future, overcoming stereotypes, and more!

Speaker 3 | Vivian Vu - B.S. Degree Candidate, Business Administration Management Information Systems, SJSU

Listen to Vivian discuss personal adversity, caring educators, and more!

Speaker 4 | Arun Ramanathan - CEO, Pivot Learning Partners

Listen to Arun Ramanathan, CEO of Pivot Learning Partners, discuss his vision for a world without labels!

Speaker 5 | Shar Naidu - Master's Degree Candidate, Occupational Therapy, SJSU

Listen to Shar discuss creativity, pizza, and more!

Speaker 6 | Ellen Middaugh - Assistant Professor of Child and Adolescent Development, SJSU Lurie College of Education

Listen to Ellen discuss her vision for the future of learning to practice democracy!

Speaker 7 | Kent McGuire - Program Director of Education, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Listen to Kent discuss his vision for the future of deeper learning!

Speaker 8 | Christopher Cabaldon - Hazel Cramer Endowed Chair and Professor of Public Policy & Administration, Sacramento State University

Listen to Christopher discuss the future of people, defining learning, and more!

Speaker 9 | Valerie Lundy-Wagner - Senior Research Analyst, California Competes

Listen to Valerie discuss who deserves to learn!

Speaker 10 | Irene Castillon - Assistant Principal/History Teacher, Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School and SJSU Lurie College Alumni

Listen to Irene discuss disrupting systemic barriers in education!