Honoring a Teacher

Honoring a Teacher

Who is that teacher that made a difference in your life?  Who recognized your quiet, shy demeanor and brought the best out of you?  Who recognized your talents when no one else did?  Who is this teacher and how can you honor him or her?

Well, the College of Education Alumni Board has the answer. In 1998 the alumni started a program called “Honor a Teacher”.  Each spring there is a special celebration honoring teachers.  Some of these teachers are retiring from their careers, some are present day teachers, some are retired, others hold administrative jobs and some have passed on.

You can honor a teacher with a $100 contribution.  This donation provides a plaque and biography of the teacher.  These items are placed in our gallery of honored teachers in the school house.  The ceremony is held in May at the school house in San Jose History Park. 

The deadline to submit names for the Honored Teacher program is the end of February each year.  You can also honor a teacher by buying a student desk for the school house.  The price for the desk and a plaque recognizing the years the teacher taught is $1000.

You can submit the name of the teacher to be honored to Marla Lenz at 408 269-0608 or marla.lenz@att.netFill out the form and mail to:

Marla Lenz
2349 Loma Park Ct.
San Jose, CA 95124.