Lurie College Alumni Board

SJSU Lurie College of Education Alumni Board

The Lurie College of Education is the only college within SJSU with its own alumni board - learn more about how to get involved and promote the significance of teachers, counselors, and educators in Silicon Valley below.  To bring your talents to the Board, or to support any of our activities, please complete this form (PDF)!


Faculty Grants

Each year, the Alumni Board provides funding for Lurie College faculty for conference registration, educational softward, guest speakers, and more.  Applications for Lurie College of Education Alumni Association Faculty Grant are typically due in December.

Honoring A Teacher

Every year since 1998, the Alumni Board started a program called “Honor a Teacher” to recognize those who have taught.  
You can honor a teacher with a $100 contribution, which will provide a plaque and biography of the teacher in the Alumni Board's One Room Schoolhouse during the ceremony each May at the school house in San Jose History Park.  To submit a name for the Honored Teacher program by the deadline at the end of February, complete this brief form (PDF)!


Other Alumni Board Initiatives

  • Annual Student Scholarships - help contribute!
  • Council of Chairs Brunch
  • History San Jose Holiday Events
  • Wine tasting fundraiser


Alumni Board Officers

  • Pat Smith and Luke Levers, Presidents
  • Dene Bene and Patty Brick, Presidents-elect
  • Leah Gilmore,Past-President
  • Cherie Donahue,Secretary
  • Bob Pedretti, Treasurer


Alumni Board Directors

  • Barbara Conant
  • Bob Lowry
  • Gerry Chartrand
  • Judy Demko
  • Marla Lenz
  • Peggy Anastasia


Alumni Board Members

  • Sally Dubbin
  • Janene Perez, Staff Representative
  • Robin Love, Faculty Representative
  • Elba Maldonado-Colon, Faculty Representative
  • Marcella McCollum, Faculty Representative
  • Lisa Oliver, Faculty Representative
  • Judy Demko, Board Member Emerita