Curriculum Committee


The Curriculum Committee provides a forum for faculty, administrators, and students in which discussion and decision-making takes place regarding the content, design, delivery and evaluation of the curriculum

Committee Bylaws

New Course and/ or Major Changes to Existing Courses

Review these steps on how to submit a new course proposal. Submit the LCOE “New Course Proposal Form” with all of the required attachments to the chair by email at least two weeks prior to the next scheduled LCOE Curriculum Meeting.  All Submissions must have prior approval by the home department.  (See the University Curriculum Flowchart for an overview of the process).  

Minor Course Changes

Submit the Minor Course Change Form & current syllabus to the Associate Dean.



Name Department Phone Email
Ravisha Mathur Child & Adolescent Development 4-3666
Pei-Tsu Tsai Communicative Disorders & Sciences 4-3733
Cara Maffini Counselor Education 4-3618
Paul Cascella Dean's Office - EXO (CHAIR) 4-3607
Vicki Park Educational Leadership 4-3605
Brent Duckor Teacher Education 4-3342
Hyun-Sook Park Special Education 4-3692
Teresa Slobuski Library - EXO 4-2318



Livebinder of Agenda and Minutes 


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