Faculty Scholarship and Research Committee


The purpose of this committee is to promote an intellectual community of scholars, encourage, and support professional development activities in the College; encourage and support faculty scholarship; coordinate the distribution of University Lottery funding, and handle, coordinate, and supervise special projects for the College that add to the overall purpose of the Committee.

Committee Bylaws



Name Department Phone Email
Ellen Middaugh (2017-2019) ChAD 4-6594 ellen.middaugh@sjsu.edu
Jean Novak (2017-2019) CD&S 4-3671 jean.novak@sjsu.edu
Dolores Mena (2016-2018) Counselor Education 4-3627 dolores.mena@sjsu.edu
Robin Love Dean's Office  4-3607 robin.love@sjsu.edu
Mei-Yan Lu (2018-2020) Educational Leadership 4-3645 mei-yan.lu@sjsu.edu
Allison Briceno (2018-2020) Teacher Education 4-3730 allison.briceno@sjsu.edu
Saili Kulkarni (2018-2020) Special Education 4-3701 saili.kulkarni@sjsu.edu


Livebinder of Agenda and Minutes