Curriculum Committee


The Curriculum Committee provides a forum for faculty, administrators, and students in which discussion and decision-making takes place regarding the content, design, delivery and evaluation of the curriculum.

Committee Bylaws

New Course and/ or Major Changes to Existing Courses

Starting in Fall 2017, the University implemented a new online curriculum management system, Curriculog. All course materials and forms (for both New Courses and Minor Course Changes) must be submitted through the online system. Please see the Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Programs’ Curriculog webpage. It has instructions on how to access the system, as well as training guides and videos to help with use of the system.


Please submit the required materials in Curriculog at least two weeks prior to the next scheduled LCOE Curriculum Committee meeting. The LCOE Curriculum Committee meets on the second Wed. of the month (during the fall and spring semesters). All submissions must have prior approval by the home department.  Curriculum changes are also reviewed by the Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Programs (GUP) (see the GUP Curriculum Procedures & Requirements)






Ravisha Mathur (Fall 2018)  ChAD 4-3666
Pei-Tsu Tsai (2017-2020) CD&S 4-3733
Vacant Counselor Education - -
Robin Love Dean's Office 4-3607
Rebeca Burciaga (2018-2021) Educational Leadership 4-3644 
Elaine Chin (2018-2021)   Teacher Education 4-3775
Lisa Simpson (2018-2021) Special Education 4-2924
Susan Kendall Library - EXO 4-2039


Livebinder of Agenda and Minutes