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The Connie L. Lurie College of Education is a learning community dedicated to equity and excellence. Equity initially addresses access and outcomes, and the College works to incorporate equity in action through policy and process. Excellence in a democratic society actualizes each student's unique potential as an individual and as a member of a diverse community. Excellence involves knowledge and skills with a commitment to lifelong curiosity, imagination and learning. The result is the College's commitment to the preparation of educators, including teachers, administrators, counselors and service providers who have the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and ethics that ensure equity and excellence for all students in a culturally diverse, technologically complex, global community.

We are accredited by both NCATE and the CTC.

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Lee Shulman

Join us on February 12th for Professor Shulman’s talk on “Reinventing a New Doctorate for Education: Professional Practice as a Field of Study and Action.”

Proposed Federal Regulation of Teacher Education

Hear Assistant Vice Chancellor Young discuss the new regulations proposed by the US Department of Education

Explore our LiveBinder for more information on the proposed regulations.