Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT)

PACT Overview

In fall 1998, SB 2042 was enacted in California to maintain multiple pathways to a teaching credential, and ensure that regardless of the pathway (e.g., student teaching, district internships, and university internships), candidates meet a uniform set of standards. It established a requirement for all California candidates for a preliminary teaching credential to pass a state-approved teaching performance assessment.

While the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing contracted with the Educational Testing Service to develop such an assessment, SB 2042 allows for the development of alternative assessments that are as rigorous as the state-developed assessment. Twelve institutions (8 University of California institutions, San Diego State, San Jose State, Stanford, and Mills) formed a consortium and have  developed an alternative assessment. These universities have been joined by others for a consortium of over thirty credential program institutions.

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