PACT Teaching Event

The consortium's design of the common assessment, called the Teaching Event, draws from artifacts (lesson plans, student work, and video) created while teaching, accompanied by commentaries that provide context and rationales needed to understand and interpret the artifacts.

The portfolio assessment consisting of 5 tasks - Context, Planning, Instruction, Assessment, and Reflection- documents a brief segment of learning. The integrated tasks are designed to prompt candidates to make connections between these different teaching tasks, and to provide evidence to understand a candidate's teaching of a brief learning segment in some depth. Each of these tasks is based on a set of two to three guiding questions and corresponding rubrics. Academic Language has been added as a separate scoring category drawing from evidence across all of the tasks but scored on two separate rubrics. There are a total of twelve rubrics used by scorers to define the depth and complexity of a candidate's instruction and commentary.

Each rubric defines four performance levels describing practice that requires improvement (1), adequate beginning teacher practice (2), strong beginning teacher practice (3) and exemplary teaching practice (4). Candidates then receive a holistic score (based upon their performance across the tasks) which determines whether or not the candidate has passed the performance assessment. Scoring a 2 or better on most tasks is a passing score.


Spring 2017 PACT due date: Monday, April 17, 2017

by 4PM in Taskstream.