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Welcome to LCOE Student Success Center

The programming menu at the Lurie College Student Success Center enables students to select from a wide range of activities to fully actualize their college and pre-professional experiences. The Center’s events focus on three themes, 1) campus and community engagement, 2) academic and professional development and networking, and 3) academic and career advising.

Lurie College students are encouraged to utilize the Center to get to know themselves, their peers, the College staff and faculty, and local community organizations and employers. Programming includes: professional development workshops, mentoring, networking events, and access to college and career resources.

The Center hosts local and national alumni, educators, and community representatives to speak about career pathways, policies, advocacy, and contemporary professional issues related to the Lurie College mission.

The Center also provides opportunities for students to educate themselves about General Education (GE) requirements, university resources, and advising technologies to plan for graduation.

Academic advising is available in your respective department.

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