Student Success Center

The Lurie College of Education Student Success Center has three core roles. First, the Center helps students know about and apply for department specific credentials, professional licenses, permits and certifications. Second, the Center builds campus-community partnerships to enable students to be better prepared for internship and work opportunities in social service and educational organizations. Third, the Center sponsors workshops and speaker series related to contemporary educational and professional issues, along with career development.

Supporting your Career Goals


Lurie College of Education Student Success Center
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M, 3/20

Launch Your Job and
Internship Search

Sandra De Leon SJSU Career Center


T, 3/21

Maximizing Professional Impact through Data

Dr. Esther Hugo Student Success Center Specialist


T, 4/4

Launch Your Job and
Internship Search

Sandra De Leon Career Center


T, 4/4

Drop-In Career Appointments

Sandra De Leon  Career Center


M, 4/10

APA Style Refresher

MLK Librarian


T, 4/11

APA Style Refresher

MLK Librarian


M, 4/17

Project-Based Learning

Cristin Reichmuth, M.A.


T, 4/18

Project-Based Learning

Cristin Reichmuth, M.A


Th, 4/27

Creating a College-Going Culture:  Teachers and Counselors

Dr. Esther Hugo, Student Success Center Specialist 





Spotlight On...

image Sandra De Leon is  a proud alumnus  of San Jose State  University’s  College of  Education. She completed her Master’s degree and PPS Credential in Counselor Education. Sandra has served as a career counselor, academic counselor, financial aid advisor, and preschool teacher. Her passion lies in helping students through their career development journey. As a career counselor, Sandra enjoys assisting students with exploring majors/careers, job/internship search strategies, resume/cover letter feedback, interview preparation, and more. When she isn’t working she enjoys going on hiking trails, reading, attending music concerts and traveling. 

Meet Your Team

Michele Burns
SSC Coordinator

Dr. Esther Hugo
SSC External Relations

Dr. Robin Love
Interim Associate Dean
College of Education

Credentials and Licensing
Ha Thai

Career Center Liaison
Sandra De Leon 
and Drop-In Hours

Library Services
Sue Kendall 
(ChAD, Ed. Leadership, EdD)  

Valeria Molteni (CD&S)

Bernd Becker (EDCO)

Teresa Slobuski
(Elementary Ed, Secondary Ed, Special Ed)


Did You Know?

Tips on Requesting a Reference Letter

Most job applications require a recommendation or reference.  Here are a few tips on requesting your letter from a professor:

  1. Start early.  Send your email at least 3-4 weeks before the due date.
  2. Put “Recommendation for (Name)” in the subject line.
  3. State what you want in the first paragraph and outline your relationship with the professor.
  4. Suggest what you would like the professor to say about you. “Remember, I presented that presentation on…, I had perfect attendance and earned a B+ grade, etc.”
  5. Remember the details. Where does the letter need to go?  When is the letter due?  Are there additional forms that need to be completed?  Waive your confidentiality.
  6. Close with information on how you will follow-up. Then, thank your professor.