LCOE Promise Group

The Promise Group


The Lurie College of Education (LCOE) Student Success Center is pleased to host the Promise Group Initiative (PGI). The PGI is intended to give first generation students and those who are part of the Spartan and Guardian Scholars, EOP, and the California and Eastside Promise groups, the opportunity to participate in a yearlong experience that will:

  • Provide you a home base at LCOE with staff, faculty, and peers who
    are there to enhance your college experience.
  • Connect you with a LCOE staff or faculty mentor who can provide guidance as well as academic and career advice.
  • Enhance your college experience with special events and workshops on topics including time management, handling finances, academic stress & anxiety, and discovering and building your strengths
  • Link you with campus & community resources.

To join the Promise Group Initiative, you must be a Child & Adolescent Development (ChAD) or Communicative Disorders & Sciences (CD&S) major and agree to participate in a twice monthly group seminar.

All of us at the Student Success Center hope that you will join us this year! Contact Donna Bee-Gates for information.