Test Prep Resources

CBEST Test Prep Resources


  • California Educator Credentialing Assessments Website
    California Education Code specifies that teacher candidates must demonstrate proficiency in basic reading, writing, and mathematics skills. Passage of The California Basic Educational Skills Test™ (CBEST®) fulfills this requirement.  Register for the CBEST through this website. You can also prepare for the test here with free printable practice tests: Reading (36 pages), Math (38 pages), and Writing (15 pages)
  • Union Test Prep Website
    Free online test prep for all three subject areas, including practice tests, flashcards, and study guides. Link for paid tutoring support is provided as well.
  • Study.com Website
    Provides free practice tests for all three areas. Thirteen free exams where each one focuses on a subset of one of the three areas. Site allows a free five day trial of their full services if you create an account which will provide a course with video lessons.
  • Test-Guide Website
    Provides six practice quizzes to prepare you for the reading and math portion of the CBEST test.

CSET Test Prep Resources


  • California Educator Credentialing Assessment Website
    The California Subject Examinations for Teachers® (CSET®) have been developed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for prospective teachers who choose to, or are required to, meet specific requirements for certification by taking examinations. Each test in the program is designed to measure a specific set of knowledge, skills, and/or abilities reflecting the subject area taught. Free study tips, materials, and general information are provided on this website. Register for the CSET through this website.
  • Teachers Test Prep Website
    This site requires an account to utilize their free tests for CSET multiple subjects. For written portions of the test, to see your results, you must pay $39.
  • SJSU CSET Website
    A website developed by SJSU faculty that provides content review for the CSET Math Multiple Subject II.


GRE Test Prep Resources


  • ETS GRE Website
    Test prep provided by the administrators of the test. Explains the test itself with general advice. A few sample questions are also provided. Provides webinars and free test prep from Khan Academy.
  • Kaplan GRE Website
    Kaplan provides a “20 minute Workout for the GRE.” This site provides a few sample GRE questions.
  • Test-Guide.com GRE Website
    Provides multiple practice tests for the areas of quantitative reasoning (math) and verbal reasoning. If you scroll down further, they also link other study resources.
  • GRE Guide Website
    Provides forty five free practice tests. Breaks down the math and verbal subjects of the GRE into multiple subtopics with quizzes each specializing in testing those.
  • McGraw-Hill GRE Website
    Free full length practice test with similar testing format as the GRE. Multiple free videos which provide a GRE coach to use step by step strategies to solve different kind of GRE problems.


Praxis Test Prep Resources


  • ETS Praxis Website
    Free online Praxis testing material and preparation. Familiarize yourself with test questions and what to expect the day of the test. View a computer-delivered testing demonstration.
  • ETS Praxis ASHA Website
    Understand the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) certification requirements. The Praxis® exam in audiology is an integral component of ASHA certification standards. The Praxis exam in Speech-Language Pathology is used as a requirement for the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence. This source will help guide in preparing for the exams and explains important registration information


RICA Test Prep Resources


  • LiveBinders RICA Exam Resources Website
    An interactive comprehensive binder with multiple explanations about the RICA test and its subtopics. While the site provides sample tests, it doesn’t give the answers and recommends to use this binder along with a good reading methods textbook and a RICA exam preparation book
  • California Educator Credentialing Assessments Website
    For credential candidates, a Video Performance Assessment is option is offered for the RICA. This site explains the Video Performance assessment option and provides an instructional manual for preparation.
  • California Educator Credentialing Assessments Website
    The purpose of the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment® (RICA®) is to ensure that California-trained candidates for Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials and Education Specialist Instruction Credentials (special education) possess the knowledge and skills important for the provision of effective reading instruction to students. This site provides content specifics for the test, a written practice test, and a tutorial on taking the computer-based test. Register for the RICA through this website.
  • Quizlet 1 | Quizlet 2 | Quizlet 3
    Flash cards usually made by students or teachers that provide definitions, explanations and vocabulary. Free to use and mobile friendly.
  • Teachers Test Prep Website
    This site requires an account to utilize their free tests for RICA. For written portions of the test, to see your results, you must pay $39.