Multiple Subject Credential


The Multiple Subject Teaching Credential authorizes its holder to teach in a self-contained classroom in which several subjects are taught by the same teacher to the same group of students. Most elementary schools are organized around self-contained classrooms. The Multiple Subject Teaching Credential also enables the holder to teach in middle school core programs with relevant supplementary authorizations or credentials, in subject oriented departments: e.g., math or science. In addition to foundations, methods and field-based practicum courses, preparation for this credential includes the study of language acquisition, cultural diversity, bilingual education, and instructional strategies for second language learners.

The Elementary Education Department offers several options for earning the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

As of Fall 2003, the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential offered at San José State Universityis “No Child Left Behind (NCLB)” compliant under SB 2042 andmeets the CCTC’s standards for English Language Learners (AB 1058).