Course Equivalence

If you have taken a course outside SJSU that you feel is very similar to a course taught in our program, you may petition for a review of course equivalency. If the review is approved, you won't have to take the course in our program.

However, waived courses will not appear on transcript. If you plan to be employed in a school district that requires you to complete certain amount of units in a credential program, please think twice before petitioning for a course waiver.

NOTE: You will need Adobe Acrobat software to view and print the equivalency forms below. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from Adobe Corporation's website.

Here's how the process works:

  1. Complete a Course Equivalency Form. If you wish to petition for equivalency of either 143A or 143B, there's a separate form called 143A/B Course Equivalency Form. For all other courses, use the regular Course Equivalency Form.
  2. For each course you wish to submit for consideration of equivalency, you must submit the following documents to the Elementary Education Office.
    • Completed Course Equivalency Form.
    • A syllabus of the course that you've taken at other college or university.
    • Transcripts showing grade earned for that class.
    • You must attach additional documents if you are petitioning for EDEL143A/B waiver. See 143A/B waiver form for additional required documentation.
  3. Your petition for course equivalence packet will be forwarded to an assigned professor of that course.
  4. The assigned professor will review your request. S/he will approve the equivalency if s/he feels that the course content of the one you've taken strongly matches the content of the course offered here. Likewise, she will not approve your petition if she/he feels that the course you've taken is not similar to the one offered here. Note: There is no guarantee that a request will be approved. Decision to allow/disallow equivalency is contingent upon the assigned professor and the chair.
  5. Upon receipt of the decision from the assigned professor, a copy of the Course Equivalency Form will be mailed to the address you provided on the form. The original document will be filed in your program file.