Multiple Subject Credential Program Options

Introduction to SJSU Multiple Subject Credential Program

 The Multiple Subject Credential authorizes its holder to teach in a "self-contained" classroom in which several subjects are taught to the same group of students. Most elementary schools are organized around self-contained classrooms. The Multiple Subject Credential is also an authorization to teach in middle school core classroom settings and, with the relevant supplementary authorization or additional credential, in subject-oriented departments (e.g., math or science) or bilingual settings.

 The Multiple Subject Credential Program offered at San José State University is No Child Left Behind (NCLB) compliant under SB 2042 and meets the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) revised 2013 standards for teaching English Language Learners.

 San José State University currently offers the Multiple Subject Credential, and for candidates who qualify, the Supplementary Authorization in Bilingual Education:

 •      The Multiple Subject Credential Program is designed for those who will teach in culturally and linguistically diverse settings in English. In addition to standard foundations, methods and field-based practicum courses (clinical practice), preparation for this credential includes the study of language acquisition, sociocultural diversity, bilingual education, and instructional strategies for second language learners. Our department offers several models that enable students to obtain their teaching credential.

 •      The Multiple Subject Credential Program with a Bilingual Authorization (Spanish) is designed for those who intend to teach in culturally and linguistically diverse settings in which both Spanish and English are the languages of instruction. Preparation for this authorization includes study of the same topics as the Multiple Subject Credential but requires substantial proficiency in Spanish because teacher candidates take some of their coursework in Spanish and teach elementary school students in Spanish and English in Bilingual Programs or schools that have designated bilingual classes. Check our website for updates or email us.

Program Design

The Multiple Subject Credential Program at San Jose State University is a post baccalaureate kindergarten through grade 8 teacher preparation program centered on the principles of social justice, teacher inquiry and student-centered learning. For more than 150 years, our credential program has prepared teachers to meet the varying needs of the students and districts and we continue to prepare a majority of the teachers in Silicon Valley.

The Multiple Subject Credential Program is committed to providing the best teacher preservice preparation available. In addition to standard foundations, methods and field-based clinical practice, our preparation program includes the study of language acquisition, sociocultural diversity, instructional strategies for second language learners, and an emphasis in Common Core State and Next Generation Science standards.

Candidates wishing to pursue a Multiple Subject Credential have the option of doing so through a traditional student-teaching model, an intern model, or a combined credential and Masters degree model. 

•      In our traditional student-teaching model, candidates are placed in K-8 classrooms during their student teaching semesters.

Candidates gain practical experience in co-teaching in two or more grade spans. As with all traditional models, teacher candidates spend two semesters of student teaching experience in two or more of these grade spans cohorts (K-2 and 3-5 or 6-8).The first semester of student teaching is part time and increases to full time during the second semester. Candidates receive support throughout their student teaching assignments from cooperating teachers and university supervisors. In addition, candidates may pursue a Foundational or Single Subject credential to enable them to teach in departmentalized settings at the middle school level.

Candidates who are bilingual/bilterate in English and Spanish may pursue a bilingual authorization which prepares them to teach in bilingual settings. Candidates pursuing a bilingual authorization are assigned to classrooms in which both English and Spanish are the languages of instruction. Candidates have the option of completing their clinical practice through the traditional student teaching or intern models.

•      In the Intern Model, intern-eligible candidates are hired as classroom teachers by one of our partner districts and receive support from their university supervisor and district mentors throughout the academic year.  Interns must complete designated courseworkprior to being placed in an intern position and must remain actively enrolled in credential coursework throughout their intern teachingassignment.

•      The Critical Research Academy (CRA), our combined credential and masters degree program model, is designed for candidates who wish to earn their credential and delve deeper with masters in curriculum and instruction. In this model, some of the candidates’ credential course units count toward the credential and the masters degree. In one extra semester, candidates’ masters courses build toward a culminating teacher inquiry project.

Required Coursework for a California Preliminary Credential

Important: Students must be admitted to the Multiple Subject Credential Program and have a Program Planning Form on file before taking credential courses offered through the Elementary Education Department. Course sequence and/or requirements may vary slightly across program models. A set course sequence should be followed.  Course times and schedule offerings may be changed due to fluctuations in enrollment.

Required Credential Courses.   Please note - This is a listing of program courses, not the sequence in which they will be taken.




Prerequisite Courses*



EDTE 190

Health Education for Classroom Teachers



EDSE 192A***


Including and Supporting Students



Foundation Courses




EDEL 102


Psychological Foundations of Education



EDEL 103**

Social-Multicultural Foundations of Education

CRA: Substitute EDTE 208



EDTE 162**

Meeting the Needs of Second-Language Learners

CRA: Substitute EDTE 262


Curriculum Courses



EDEL 108A**

Curriculum: Reading/Language Arts

Pre-requisite: EDTE 162





Curriculum: Science






Curriculum: Social Studies






Curriculum: Mathematics



Field Experience Practica




EDEL 143A**

Field Practicum: Phase I

Pre-requisite: EDTE 162 & Concurrent Enrollment in EDEL 108A required. Additional prerequisites are required for Intern candidates. See Program Plan for details.


5 – 10****

EDEL 143B**

Field Practicum: Phase II

Pre-requisite: EDEL 143A.

5 – 10****


EDTE 246

Classroom Management and Governance Concurrent Enrollment w/ 143A or 143B required CRA: Substitute EDTE 260



*Prerequisite Courses required by the State of California for ALL credential candidates; may be taken at any time during the program.

**Spanish Bilingual students must enroll in specific sections of these courses that are taught in English and Spanish I
*** EDSE 192A is offered through Special Education Department.
**** Assigned units for field service may vary by program pathway


1.     Only those admitted to the Multiple Subject Credential Program may take courses in the Elementary Education Department.

2.     All courses are offered in both fall and spring terms. Summer session course offerings are contingent upon enrollment, faculty availability and budget. Field Service Practicum (EDEL 143A and EDEL 143B) is not available in summer.

3.     If you have taken a course outside SJSU that you feel is very similar to a course taught in our program, you may petition for a review of course equivalency. Course equivalency petitions may not be submitted until you have been formally admitted into the credential program.  If the review is approved, you are waived from taking the course in our program.