MA Course Descriptions

Credential Course Descriptions

EDTE 201: Critical Issues in Education - A cross-disciplinary investigation of fundamental value issues of American education in a democratic society, considered in the context of the problems and prospects of world civilizations.

EDTE 206: Advanced K-8 Curriculum and Instruction - Advanced methods in K-8 school curriculum and instruction for teachers. Emphasis on best practices as delineated in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.

EDTE 208: Sociology of Education - Provides an in-depth exploration of historical groundings and theories of language, socialization, and political influences on the American school. This exploration includes an understanding of the social construction of knowledge, modernist influences on today's schools, alternative views of schooling, the role of language and dialogue in teaching and learning, and other social and political aspects of teaching and learning.

EDTE 214: Learning in a Hi-Tech Environment - Teaching and learning with high technology from student-centered perspectives. Includes lab. activities, field observations, and investigations in individual areas of specialization. Also includes theory to practice, exploring new uses of technology, logistics, and leadership roles. Prerequisite: EDIT 122 (or equivalent).

EDTE 244: Seminar in Curriculum - Main themes and philosophies undergirding American educational curriculum are explored and new options are considered. Students examine the roots of today's curricular practices and develop understandings and skills at recreating curriculum to be more empowering, democratic, and equitable.

EDTE 250: Qualitative Research - Students learn about educational research and are guided in methods of conducting qualitative research. Students identify a problem/issue they are interested in exploring for their MA thesis or project, do an in-depth literature review on the topic, develop appropriate methods of investigation for their study, become acquainted with methods of data analysis, and review forums for exchange of research findings (e.g., journals, conferences and professional organizations).

EDTE 260: Critical Perspective on Schooling in a Pluralistic Society - Students learn to conduct a classroom research project. They are guided through all aspects of the research process, prepare a research report, and present their findings to colleagues.

EDTE 261: Critical Studies in Language, Culture, and Narrative - Study of cross-cultural communication for teachers with a focus on theory and practice related to language, culture, and narrative in educational settings.

EDTE 262: Classroom Issues in Language/Literacy Development of L2 Learners - Theories of first and second language acquisition and their application to teaching reading, writing and SDAIE in linguistically diverse classrooms. Prerequisite: EDEL 108A or EDSC 138A or instructor consent.

EDTE 281: Philosophy of Education - Critical philosophical issues as they bear on education in a democratic society.

EDTE 298: MA Project - Supervised MA research project. Includes regularly scheduled research workshops to support students in analyzing data and writing up the study. This course will also be helpful for teachers preparing for National Board Certification. Prerequisite: Admission to candidacy for the MA degree.