Middle Level Emphasis Program

What is middle level?

The middle level (grades 5-8) is a time of exploration, discovery and challenge for young adolescents. Students between the ages of ten and fourteen are experiencing rapid changes in their physical, intellectual and social development and require schools and teachers well-equipped to support them. Middle schools generally include grades six through eight (sometimes grades five or nine) and offer a variety of schedules and support systems to address students needs. Team teaching, intellectually demanding curriculum, block scheduling, differentiated instruction, advisory groups and exploratory electives are just a few examples. In addition, some elementary schools (K-6) support middle level learners in self contained classrooms or with students that include team or interdisciplinary teaching for grades 5-6.

Why choose a middle level emphasis?

Credential programs in California provide preparation for multiple subjects (grades K-8, with a focus on elementary grades) and single subjects (grades 7-12, with a focus on high school students). The teacher who wants to teach middle level is often forced to choose one or the other without particular emphasis on the strategies, skills and knowledge necessary to meet the unique teaching and learning needs of the young adolescent. The middle level emphasis program at SJSU is specifically designed to overcome this problem (see program description below). Whether you plan to teach middle level students in a middle school or upper elementary setting, a middle level emphasis will assist you to be successful with young adolescent learners.

Is middle level right for you?

Take our quick quiz for the answer:

  • Do you enjoy working with 10-14 year-olds?
  • Are you passionate about teaching one or more of the following subject areas: lanaguage arts, history-social science, science, or mathematics?
  • Are you excited about teaching kids who are ready for more sophisticated intellectual tasks?
  • Do you want to teach students who are at turning points in their academic and personal lives?
  • Are you excited about helping kids navigate the challenges of social, emotional, and physical change?
  • Do you have a sense of humor?

If you answered "Yes" to all 6 questions, you are ready for middle level teaching.

Application Process

  1. ATTEND A GROUP ADVISEMENT SESSION. These orientation sessions, held twice a month, are required of all students who wish to enroll Multiple Subject Credential Program.
  2. APPLY TO THE MULIPLE SUBJECT TEACHING CREDENTIAL PROGRAM. Follow the general applicaton for admission to the credential program through the Department of Elementary Education. On the application form, indicate your interest in the MLE Program.
  3. Interview with MLE program coordinator and/or team.

Program Course Schedule

The program timeline below reflects a full-time schedule. We also offer a part-time option.

Summer Semester (prior to starting program)

  • EDTE 162: Meeting the Needs of Second-Language Learners (3 units)
  • EDEL 108A: Curriculum/Reading & Language Arts (Developing Readers)-PART ONE (3 units)

NOTE: Financial Aid not available in summer for incoming Fall students.

Fall Semester

  • EDEL 102: Psychological Foundations of Educaiton (3 units)
  • EDEL 108A: Curriculum/Reading & Language Arts (Critical Content Literacy)-PART TWO (3 units)
  • EDEL 143A: Orientation to Student Teaching (5 units) NOTE: Requires 12-15 hrs/wk
  • EDEL 108B, C, D, or single subject equivalent (choose one)

Spring Semester

  • EDEL 103: Multicultural Foundations of Education (3 units)
  • EDTE 246: Classroom Management and Governance (3 units)
  • EDEL 143B: Student Teaching (10 units) NOTE: Requires 20+ hrs/wk

Summer Semester 2

Choose remaining methods courses to complete:

  • EDEL 108B: Science
  • EDEL 108C: Social Studies
  • EDEL 108D: Math

NOTE: The courses below may be taken before or anytime during the program, however ALL must be completed prior to applying for the Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

  • EDTE 190: Health Education for the Classroom Teacher (3 units)
  • EDSE 192A: Including and Supporting Students (3 units)

Adding Authorizations to Teach Middle School Subjects

Additional courses and tests are required to add authorizations to teach Middle School subjects.

  • Introductory Authorization (NCLB compliant to teach up to grade 9)
  • Full Single Subject Credential (NCLB compliant to teach up to grade 12)
  • Foundational Single Subject Credential (Math and Science Only-NCLB compliant to teach middle school and some high school)

Requirements for adding an authorization

Student Teaching Placements

Students are placed in the following districts:

Alum Rock
Campbell Union
Oak Grove
Santa Clara Unified

Interested in Visting a Local Middle School to See What It's Like?

Feel free to contact the principal at one of the following middle schools. Let them know that you are a credential candidate at SJSU and they can help you arrange a site visit.

Local middle schools
School Principal Contact
Monroe Middle School Ted Cribari (Vice Principal 408-556-0360
Renaissance Academy Doug Kleinhenz 408-928-1950
Cupertino Middle School Kara Butler 408-245-0303

Contact Information

Shelby Spain
Program Coordinator
Email: shelby.spain@sjsu.edu