School-University Partnership Internship Program (SUP)


NOTE: This program option will be going on hiatus beginning Spring, 2010. Please watch our website for updates on when this program will be reinstated.

The School-University Partnership Internship Program option is a two-year internship in which successful candidates are compensated for full-time classroom teaching while satisfying the requirements for the Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential. This program is sequentially planned and candidates will take classes as a member of a cohort (group).

The SUP Internship Program offers:

  • Supportive hands-on training
  • Working with students from diverse backgrounds
  • Risk taking to improve school practice
  • A collaborative, team-oriented setting
  • Part-time (50%) or Full-time paid teaching preparation
  • A high level of professionalism in your work environment
  • Flexibility
  • Hard work with tremendous rewards

Apply now for an opportunity to earn a beginning teachers salary and be a part of a professional learning community, which provides beginning teacher support during your career through collaborative, pre-professional preparation. This option starts in the summer. Candidates interested in this program option should apply in the spring.

Is This Program for You?

This program is for individuals who:

  • Have experience working with children in school settings
  • Will work very hard
  • Want to make a difference
  • Value collaboration and understand how hard it is
  • Value academic learning
  • See diversity as a strength
  • Have an interest in becoming highly skilled, critically reflective practitioners

Application Process

  1. ATTEND A GROUP ADVISEMENT SESSION. These orientation sessions, held twice a month, are required of all students who wish to enroll Multiple Subject Credential Program.
  2. APPLY TO THE MULIPLE SUBJECT TEACHING CREDENTIAL PROGRAM. Follow the general applicaton for admission to the credential program through the Department of Elementary Education. On the application form, indicate your interest in the SUP Program.

Intern Selection Process

  1. Initial paper screening of all applications will be done by the Elementary Education Department.
  2. First interview for candidates who pass paper screening will be done by the SUP program coordinator.
  3. Second interview for candidateswill be done jointly by the SUP program coordinator and district representative.

NOTE: Candidates accepted to the internship program who are not successful in getting a teaching position will be automatically transferred into the basic credential program.

Program Course Schedule

Summer Semester (prior to internship)

  • EDTE 162: Meeting the Needs of Second-Language Learners (3 units)
  • EDTE 246: Classroom Management and Governance (3 units)
  • Summer School Field Experience (8-12, Mon-Fri in July)

Fall Semester Year 1

  • EDEL 143A: Orientation to Student Teaching (5 units)
  • EDEL 108A: Curriculum: Reading/Language Arts-PART ONE (3 units)
  • EDEL 102: Psychological Foundations of Education (3 units)

Spring Semester Year 1

  • EDEL 143A: Orientation to Student Teaching (5 units)
  • EDEL 108A: Curriculum: Reading/Language Arts-PART TWO (3 units)
  • EDEL 108D: Curriculum: Mathematics (3 units)

Summer Semester Year 2

  • EDEL 108B: Curriculum: Science (3 units)
  • EDEL 108C: Curriculum: Social Studies (3 units)

Fall Semester Year 2

  • EDEL 143B: Student Teaching: Practicum (5 units)
  • EDEL 103:Social-Multicultural Foundations of Education (3 units)

Spring Semester Year 2

  • EDEL 143B: Student Teaching: Practicum (3 units)

NOTE: The courses below may be taken before or anytime during the program, however ALL must be completed prior to applying for the Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

  • EDTE 190: Health Education for the Classroom Teacher (3 units)
  • EDSE 192: Mainstreaming the Exceptional Pupil (3 units)

Participating School Districts

  • Alum Rock
  • Berryessa
  • Cambrian
  • Campbell
  • Cupertino
  • Evergreen
  • Fremont
  • Milpitas
  • Moreland
  • Morgan Hill
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Mountain View-Whisman
  • Oak Grove
  • Orchard
  • Pajaro Valley
  • San Jose Unified
  • San Mateo-Foster City
  • Santa Clara
  • Saratoga
  • Sunnyvale

Contact Information

Shelby Spain
Program Coordinator