Teacher Education Collaborative Residency Program (TE)


School and district administrators report that graduates of the TE Collaborative are typically 1-2 years ahead in their teaching ability compared to their new teacher peers. The reasons

The TE Collaborative Residency Program is a K-6 credential program conducted as a close partnership between San José State University and several school districts in our service area. This option focuses on providing candidates with a realistic full year experience in a school classroom. We emphasize a strong, continuous link between the theory provided in coursework and practice provided in the year-long field assignment.

The TE Collaborative is an accelerated program in which candidates are able to complete all requirements for the Preliminary Teaching Credential in one year plus summer courswork prior to starting the residency. Teacher candidates work in a classroom right along side an excellent classroom teacher (Faculty Associate) three full days each week, starting at the beginning of the school year. So, our candidates get to experience how the classroom, curriculum, and students develop over the course of an entire academic year and develop a strong working relationship with both the teacher and the children.

We believe it takes a community to develop an outstanding teacher. So, candidates participate as part of a cohort group that becomes a supportive learning community. Friends and colleagues are made that last a lifetime. University faculty work closely with both the schools and each other to insure that candidates have every opportunity to grow and succeed in their chosen profession.

Student teachers may receive substitute pay (or a small stipend) for some of their field days as they are provided the opportunity to “fly solo” while their Faculty Associate leaves the classroom to help other new teachers.

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What Makes This Program Unique?

  • Be on the district's fast track for obtaining a first year teaching position in one of our participating districts.
  • Work closely with a highly experienced & carefully selected mentor teacher from the first to the last day of school.
  • Earn your preliminary Multiple Subject teaching credential in just one year (two semesters plus summer sessions).
  • Experience a tightly woven field/course connection throughout the program.
  • Participate in program as part of a cohort group, developing a long-lasting community of supportive colleagues and friends.

Application Process

  1. ATTEND A GROUP ADVISEMENT SESSION. These orientation sessions, held twice a month, are required of all students who wish to enroll Multiple Subject Credential Program.
  2. APPLY TO THE MULIPLE SUBJECT TEACHING CREDENTIAL PROGRAM. Follow the general applicaton for admission to the credential program through the Department of Elementary Education. On the application form, indicate your interest in the TE Residency Program.

Candidate Selection Process

  1. Initial paper screening of all applications reviewed by the Elementary Education Department.
  2. Candidates who pass paper screening will be interviewed by the TE program coordinator.
  3. A second interview is required and is conducted jointly by the TE program coordinator and district representatives.

Program Course Schedule (subject to change)

Summer Prior to Fall Semester

  • EDTE 162: Meeting the Needs of Second-Language Learners (3 units)
  • EDEL 103: Social-Multicultural Foundations of Education (3 units)
  • EDEL 102: Psychological Foundations of Education (3 units)

Fall Semester

  • EDEL 108A: Curriculum: Reading/Language Arts PART ONE (3 units)
  • EDEL 108D: Curriculum: Mathematics (3 units)
  • EDEL 143A: Orientation to Student Teaching (6 units)
  • EDTE 246: Classroom Management and Governance (3 units)

Spring Semester

  • EDEL 108A: Curriculum: Reading/Language Arts PART TWO (3 units)
  • EDEL 108B: Curriculum: Science (3 units)
  • EDEL 108C: Curriculum: Social Studies (3 units)
  • EDEL 143B: Student Teaching: Practicum (6 units)

NOTE: The courses below may be taken before or anytime during the program, however ALL must be completed prior to applying for the Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

  • EDTE 190: Health Education for the Classroom Teacher (3 units)
  • EDSE 192A: Including and Supporting Students (3 units)

Participating School Districts (subject to change)

  • Berryessa Unioin School District
  • Campbell Union School District
  • Franklin-McKinley School District
  • Oak Grove School District
  • Rocketship Charter School
  • Santa Clara Unified School District

Contact Information

Judi Schierling
Program Coordinator