Reading and Language Arts Specialist Credential

The Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential authorizes the holder to provide the following services as a reading specialist in any grade level in grades K-12, or in classes organized for adults:

  1. Assist and support the classroom teacher in reading instruction and teaching strategies.
  2. Select and adapt reading instruction materials.
  3. Plan and conduct reading staff development.
  4. Assess student progress and monitor student achievement in reading.
  5. Provide direct reading intervention work with students.
  6. Develop and coordinate reading programs at the school, district, or county level.

Suggested Course Sequence for Candidates:

Semester Course Units


Fall EDTE 210: Becoming a Reader at Any Age 3
EDTE 211: Academic Language 3
Spring EDTE 212: Leadership in Literacy 3
EDTE 292: Writing Across Curriculum and Cultures 3
Summer EDTE 290C: Qualitative Research Methods 3


Fall EDTE 216: Ongoing Assessment in Your Classroom 3
Spring EDTE 217: Ongoing Assessment in a Clinical Setting 3
EDTE 298: Special Studies in Education 3
  Total Units 24