MA Project/Thesis

Candidates for the MA in Education (Elementary Education) may elect either Plan A (Thesis) or Plan B (Project). MA candidates must comply with SJSU's policy governing the use of human subject in research, and the university's Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (IRB) must approve research prior to it being conducted. More detailed information is available at the IRB's website.

A student must have a Departmental Request for Candidacy and Graduate Degree Program form on file with the Elementary Department Graduate Coordinator, signed by both an Advisor and the Graduate Coordinator, before he or she will be allowed to enroll in either EDTE 298 (Plan B) or EdTE 299(Plan A).

  • Plan A requires a thesis and an oral examination before a committee of three faculty members. For guidance while planning, conducting, and writing their research, students are referred to the MA Project/Thesis Rubric [pdf], which is used at the departmental level. Once approved by the departmental committee, the thesis then goes to the Office of Graduate Studies for approval. During their final semester(s) in the MA program, Plan A students enroll in EdTE 299 for 3-6 units. Theses must be submitted in both hard copy and electronic forms (floppy disk, CD, or Zip-100 disk). A Thesis Guide is available through the Graduate Studies & Research Office.
  • Plan B requires completion of a project or research paper in consultation with the student's advisor, and satisfactory presentation of the candidate's research at a research colloquium held at the end of the semester. During their final semester(s) in the MA program, Plan B students enroll in EdTE 298 for 3-6 units. Projects must include a cover/title page [pdf] and a signature page [pdf]. Projects are stored in SH 303, where students are welcome to read them. For your guidance on writing your MA project, please MA Project Writing Guidelines [pdf]download the and MA Project/Thesis Rubric [pdf].
  • Each candidate must submit a bound copy of the project/thesis to his/her advisor and an unbound copy to the Department of Elementary Education/MA Program.