Students sitting at a computer

Student Teaching

Course Description:

  • 10-unit, semester long class
  • Class schedule is M-F, 8-5pm (generally)
  • 5 days at school site, 8 seminars (late afternoon/evening)
  • Specific course assignments outlined in Field Experience Guide and addressed by supervisor in seminar.
  • 1 placement per semester

Objective: Become familiar with duties/responsibilities of classroom teacher. Plan/teach small groups and whole class, 2 weeks of solo-teaching in assigned Master Teacher's classroom

Placements/Classroom Assignments:

  • Based on availability in accordance with Elementary Education Department's mission to provide student teachers with ethnic, social, linguistic and economic diversity.
  • Dependent on SJSU arrangements with school districts and the optimal clustering of student teachers in districts and schools.
  • Cannot be placed at a school where a relative works or attends
  • Subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control

Enrollment Instructions:

  1. Student Teachers currently enrolled in EDEL 143A will receive a 143B Enrollment Form form their 143A university supervisor. The university supervisor will help assist Student Teachers with completing the forms and submit them to the Field Placment Office for processing.
  2. Student Teachers NOT currently enrolled in EDEL 143A should submit all forms directly to Elementary Education Office in SH 305.

Enrollment Requirements:

  1. 143B Enrollment Form
  2. * CSET (all 3 Multiple Subject sections)
  3. * Certificate of Clearance or 30-day Substitute Permit
  4. *Prerequisites: EDTE 162, EDEL 108A and EDEL 143A

*Requirements will be verified via the Elementary Education Office in SH 305 before 143B enrollment is processed.