Student Teaching


If you are a student in the MSCP/MA Program and you plan to enroll in EDEL 143A or EDEL 143B, please go to the links for information on how to enroll.

Dena Sexton, Field Placement Director
Office: Sweeney Hall 303

Office Hours:
Monday - By Appointment
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Department Policy Regarding Determination of Candidate Competence in Student Teaching

According to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), candidates must attain competency in all areas of relevant content and communication outlined in the CTC standards. The Elementary Education Department has thus adopted procedures to ensure such competence. Should a candidate perform unsatisfactorily in either phase of the practicum by failing to achieve the expected level of performance, the Process for Remediation (articulated above) would be enacted. If the process of remediation is unsuccessful, or if the candidate is removed from a practicum placement, she or he will receive no credit for that phase of the practicum.

The candidate will have two opportunities to successfully complete either EDEL 143A or EDEL 143B. If time allows, the second opportunity may occur within the same semester. If there is not adequate time left in the semester, the second opportunity will occur in a subsequent semester. Two unsuccessful experiences in either EDEL 143A or EDEL 143B will disqualify a candidate from the SJSU Multiple Subject Credential Program.