Registration Information


Here is a condensed version of usual questions that students have about registration. For more detailed information about registration, please click here for the SJSU Class Schedule. The information provided here is intended to provide only a snapshot of the registration process. Specific questions about classes, admissions, matriculation, fees, etc. must be directed to specific university offices and departments.

How do I know when the registration period begins?

Before the beginning of each semester San Jose State University (SJSU) provides its students with an opportunity to enroll in classes before the classes begin. The university gives students a time frame of about one to two months. Within this timeframe, students enroll in one or more classes. This registration timeframe is also known as the "Priority Registration Period". You can find the beginning and ending day of this period in the SJSU Class Schedule available only online.You may view your registration appointment period for a certain semester by logging into your account at

A. What happens if I don't register during the priority registration period?

If you don't register during this period, you may not get classes you need. At the end of this period, many classes may be full. You may need to add classes after the semester opens. Classes may not be added after the official "add" period.

B. How do I add a class?

Go to the class on its first day of instruction. Notify the instructor that you are interested in adding the class. The instructor will create a list of students who need to add. Depending on space availability and fulfillment of prerequisites, s/he may add you to the class by giving you an add code. Then you'll need to use the add code with the class code to register for that class. Please note that the instructor is not bound by any rule to go over class enrollment limit and add more students. If the class was full during the pre-registration period and no student dropped the class, the instructor may not have room to add anyone.

How do I know what classes I need to register for?

Please follow one of these two guidelines depending on your status as a new or continuing student.

A. For new students:

As a new student, you need to complete a Program Planning Form with your advisor before starting your first semester in the program. A completed Program Planning Form not only informs you what classes you need per semester, but it also helps you finish the program in the anticipated time. If you haven't completed a Program Planning Form, you will need to contact the Department at 408-924-3771 to schedule an appointment with an advisor to have the form completed.

B. For continuing students:

A continuing student is a student who has been in the program for more than a semester. If this is your second semester, you are no longer a new student. You are a continuing student. By now you should have a Program Planning Form that will help you choose classes for this semester.

How do I register for classes?

SJSU offers a web based registration and information system for its student. SJSU calls this system "MySJSU" portal. All matriculated SJSU students have an individual username and password to log in to their individual accounts. You can do the following at MySJSU:

  • View registration appointment
  • Register for classes
  • Pay registration fees.
  • View registration "hold" information (if any exist)
  • Review academic grades
  • Change phone number, email address, and mailing address
  • Browse SJSU Catalog
  • View schedule of classes for most of programs (you may not see classes that are blocked for view).

Where do I get the Elementary Education Department's schedule of classes?

You will be able to see the schedule for almost all classes at MySJSU. However you will never be able to see a complete schedule of classes for the Multiple Subject Credential Program. Therefore, you will need to contact the Elementary Education Department at 408-924-3771 for the schedule and course code information. Schedule information is usually available when "Schedule of Classes" becomes available online. Please call the Elementary Education office to confirm that the department's schedule has come out. More on how to get Elementary Education Department's Schedule of Classes:

  • Schedule information will be emailed to you each semester.
  • Schedule information can be faxed per your request.
  • However, schedule information is never given out over the telephone.

How, When, and, Where Do I Pay Registration Fees?

San Jose State University does not mail billing statements. Rather, the university expects that all students know how much they owe to the university. That is, you are responsible for knowing how much you owe to the university and when. You are also responsible for any circumstance that may arise due to non or partial payment of registration fees. At San Jose State University, you don't pay for any thing until you register for classes. Once you register for one or more classes, you owe a certain amount of money to the university. You can access fee information any time at MySJSU:

  1. Log into your account at MySJSU
  2. Navigate to Finance menu by clicking on SASelfService->LearnerServices->Finances
  3. Under Finances menu, you can view account summary, select payment options, and even pay online.