Sample Test

sample test

Directions: During the four hours of the test, you will be asked to complete a series of tasks which will assess your skills as a computer user. You will be tested on your overall knowledge of computer skills, your knowledge of societal and legal issues which impact schools, and your knowledge of newer technologies in use in California public schools. This challenge is designed to involve you in "real-world" situations and to engage you in activities which are performed by classroom teachers as part of their every day work. Relax and enjoy the opportunity to showcase your skills.

Task #1 - Graphing

A certain elementary principal wants to compare the number of hours that teachers spend preparing to teach. She prepared a table of data showing the number of hours of prep time for teachers in her school. Make a bar graph (with 5 or 6 columns) showing the data. Print a copy of your histogram or bar graph for the test administrator. (Approximate time 20 minutes)

Title: Number of Hours of Prep Time for Teachers at Willow Oaks School

* Janet Jones - 19.6 hours
* Marcus Sanchez - 11.3 hours
* Ibrihim Abu - 7.8 hours
* Loretta Jackson - 9.8 hours
* Nancy Nguyen - 14.0 hours
* Faye Gortsky - 12.7 hours

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Task #2 - Letter Editing

You will be given a word processed file on disk. Open the file and make these types of adjustments to the document: (a) adjust the margins to the size indicated, (b) adjust the fonts to the style stipulated, (c) run a spelling and grammar check, (d) insert a graphic element - ie. photograph or clip art, (e) make a bulleted list, (f) make a numbered list, (g) change alignment of a page, (h) change sizes of fonts, (i) adjust headers and footers, (j) insert page numbers, (k) adjust paragraph spacing and/or line spacing, (l) insert a border or a table, (m) insert and adjust a frame and finally (n) print out a copy of the letter and sign your name. (Approximate time 20 minutes)

Task #3 - Electronic Grade Book

Using the spreadsheet of your choice, e.g., Microsoft Works or Excel, construct an electronic grade book for the data below. Enter the data for the three students and compute their arithmetic averages (to two decimal places - ex. 76.45%). Be sure to include the weighting factors in your computations (Hint for this one example: Multiply the score by the weighing factor and divide by the total number of points - Print a copy of your completed spreadsheet for the test administrator. (Approximate time 20 minutes)

Name: Child 1

* Assignments Grade Weight (1 is the lowest and 3 is the highest)
* 10/2 Spelling quiz 100  1
* 10/9 Composition 87    2
* 10/11 Homework 75    3

Name: Child 2

* Assignments Grade Weight (1 is the lowest and 3 is the highest)
* 10/2 Spelling quiz 95  1
* 10/9 Composition 80   2
* 10/11 Homework 70   3

Name: Child 3

* Assignments Grade Weight (1 is the lowest and 3 is the highest)
* 10/2 Spelling quiz 100  1
* 10/9 Composition 87    2
* 10/11 Homework 75     3

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Task #4 - Web Search

Use a search engine of your choice. You will be asked to locate a resource on the web and to print out the home page to show evidence that you found the material.

For example: If you are asked to find information on project-based learning, you might find search using Yahoo and find the PBL Network Page. You would print out this home page.
(Approximate time 20 minutes)

Task #5 - Telecommunications

You will be asked to send an email note to the test administrator at Be sure to include the test date or the time when you plan to take the test in your email note. (Approximate time 15 minutes)

Task #6 Using Technology

In this section of the challenge, you are to work through the 25-item computer knowledge test. The test is stored on the hard drive of designated machines in the testing area. The computer will generate 25 multiple choice questions about technology and its use. CAUTION: YOU CAN NOT GO BACK. Once you have clicked on an answer the test automatically scores your response and moves you to the next question. (Approximate time 20 minutes)

Task #7 Societal and Legal Issues

Below is a sample vignette which is designed to assess your understandings of societal and legal issues involved with the use of computers. Word process a response and print it out. (Approximate time 30 minutes)

Your friend Kristin comes to visit. She sees your new copy of Gray Slate. She asks to borrow the copy so she can take it home and put it on her computer. After all, last week she lent you the use of her car for two days. How do you respond to Kristin? Why?

Task #8 Using Multimedia Skills

Construct a PowerPoint Presentation on gardening. Your presentation should consist of 4 PowerPoint slides and should incorporate at least one graphic (a picture or piece of clip art). Print the PowerPoint presentation so that all 4 screens of information are on one page. (Approximate time 30 minutes)